Congress, HD Devegowda’s Party Agree On 20-8 Seat Deal In state Karnataka

Janata metric capacity unit (Secular) had its decide – the list includes the prize seats of Shimoga, Tumkur, Hasan, Mandya and Bengaluru North.

It was an extended time returning – how ever once several conferences Associate in Nursingd discussions – the ruling Congress and Janata decaliterlay coalition partners in Mysore have return to an agreement on seat sharing. The split was 20-8, with the Congress obtaining the larger share. The JD(S) share includes Shimoga, Tumkur, Hasan, Mandya, Bengaluru North, Uttara Kanarese, Chikkamagaluru and Vijayapura.
The announcement came hours once JDS patriarch HD Devegowda same, “It isn’t none the less set on what percentage seats are divided between the JD(S) and also theCongress. Rahul Gandhi can take a invoke the 15th”.

The two parties had been wrangling over the Mysuru-Kodagu seat, that has gone to the Congress. The southern region of the state is one wherever each parties do have a base and a practical probability of winning.

Hassan and Mandya are thought of the JD(S) strongholds, though the leaders’ apparent plans to field 2 grandsons of Devegowda — Prajwal and Nikhil — in these seats has caused some discontentat intervals the party.

The BJP’s state chief, bachelor’s degree Yeddyurappa, has told NDTV they’ren one the less to make your mind up whether or not Sumalatha, the married woman of the latestar Ambareesh, would be offered price ticket for Mandya to require on Nikhil. it’d be her call although, mister Yeddyurappa same.

Nikhil is that the actor son of chief minister HD Kumaraswamy.

Shimoga has been pictured by mister Yeddyurappa, WHO quit the Lok Sabha last year to enter the Assembly.

Bengaluru North is being thought of as a potential seat for mister Devegowda, WHO is probably going to administer up his Hassan seat for Prajwal, the son of minister H S Revanna.

In 2014, the BJP had walked off with the lion’s share of the seats – seventeen. The Congress won nineand also the JD(S) two seats. however to the forty three per cent vote share of the BJP, the combined vote share of the Congress and also the JD(S) was nearly fifty two per cent.

In a dramatic development, the 2 parties setto hitch hands to stay the BJP out of power within the state once votes for last year’s assembly polls were being counted. Later,mister Kumaraswamy had chosen to show his oath ceremony into the primary huge unofficial meet of the opposition.

This time, with each opposition parties and also the BJP keeping a detailed watch on however the Congress steers the seat-sharing deal, each parties have ensured well-meaning discussions. once their conferences with Rahul Gandhi, mister Devegowda and Mr Kumaraswamy had underscored that winning seats, and not their variety, was crucial.

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