“No” To Triple Talaq Bill Provokes BJP Barb For Nitish Kumar’s Party


Nitish Kumar’s choice to cast a ballot against the bill has drawn fire

Votebank governmental issues is being played over Triple Talaq, CP Thakur said (modi | nitish | nbc news | election news | nbcnews.club )

A few gatherings fear losing backing of specific network, he included

Nitish Kumar’s choice to cast a ballot against the moment Triple Talaq bill, should it come up for going in the Rajya Sabha, has drawn fire from partner BJP. While the gathering’s focal pioneers are quiet, its Rajya Sabha part and pioneer from Bihar, CP Thakur, made a correspond inside hours of the JD(U) declaration.

Votebank governmental issues is being played over Triple Talaq, Mr Thakur said. At that point, without naming any gathering, he stated, “Some political gatherings feel that on the off chance that they bolster the Triple Talaq charge, they would lose the votes of a specific network”.

The Janata Dal United had declared its position today, including a sharp analysis of the BJP. In any case, Nitish Kumar, whose state has 16 percent Muslim populace, had reservations about the bill for long.

The Chief Minister had even kept in touch with the state’s Law Commission, looking for an assessment on whether the gathering can force a motivation over a minority network.

Today, senior JD(U) pioneer Vashishta Narayan Singh revealed to NDTV that the gathering would cast a ballot against the legislature if the bill is put to cast a ballot. “We feel the manner in which this bill is being hurried, it was avoidable and we feel more interview ought to have occurred,” he said.

The administration is as of now confronting hardened test from the resistance over the bill, which has arrangements for a three-year imprison term for any Muslim man who separates from his significant other in a split second by articulating “Talaq” thrice.

The resistance parties are against the correctional arrangement, contending it can’t be presented in a household issue that is basically considerate in nature. The restriction parties additionally contend that the proposed law will wind up defrauding Muslims. The administration contends that the bill would stop exploitation of the ladies, and give them measure up to rights.


The bill was passed in Lok Sabha a week ago, yet it has been slowed down in the Rajya Sabha by the restriction, which has greater part in the upper house. The Janata Dal United has six individuals in the Rajya Sabha, and its favoring the restriction will put the BJP at a greater disservice.

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