“So Untruthful”: Donald Trump Hits Out At James Comey’s Testimony

US President Donald Trump hit out at former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey on Sunday, accusatory him of lying to Congress in testimony last week over his handling of the Russia probe.
“Leakin’ James Comey should have set a record for United Nations agencysongthe foremost to Congress in someday. His Friday testimony was thus untruthful! This whole deal could be aoutrigged Fraud headed up by dishonest people that would do somethingin order that I couldn’t become President. they’recurrently exposed!”

Trump’s attack on Comey’s quality comes as he himself is beneathexacerbating pressure from federal investigators.

In a court filing Friday, federal prosecutors in ny tied the president to law-breaking campaign violations within thestyle of hush payments to 2girlsUnited Nations agencyalleged past sexual encounters with the then Republican presidential candidate.

Comey testified the identical day before 2 House committees.

A transcript freeSaturday shows he powerfully defended his investigators against Republican charges of bias against Trump and in favor of Democrat mountaineer Clintonthroughout the 2016 presidential election.

Comey disclosed that the initial intelligence operation investigation into Russia election meddling was opened on four people — however not Trump — to work out if any of them were conspiring with the Russians to sway the elections.

Comey failed todetermine the four, and declined to answer differentqueries that went into matters beneath investigation by Special Counsel Henry Martyn Robert Mueller and different federal prosecutors.

But in his tweets, Trump depicted Comey’s testimony as dishonest and evasive, enumerating the days he told House investigators he did notapprehend or could not recall things he was asked concerning.

“On 245 occasions, former law enforcement agency Director James Comey told House investigators he did notapprehenddid not recall, or could notbear in mind thingsonce asked. Opened investigations on four Americans (not 2) – did notapprehendWorld Health Organization signed off and did notapprehendSaint Christopherwriter. All lies!”

Trump and his Republican allies in Congress have usuallydefendant Comey of defending Clinton from prosecution in a very probe of her use of a personal email serverwhereas secretary of state, whereasemploying awritten record on Russia election meddling compiled by writer, a former British spy, to travelonce Trump’s campaign.

Peter Strzok, a key investigator in each Comey-directed probes, was pink-slipped earlier this year for causation text messages vital of Trump to associate degreelaw enforcement agencyprofessional person he was having associate degree affair with.

In his testimony Fri, Comey powerfully defended Strzok against the fees of bias, the transcript shows.

Strzok “was one amongst the fewindividualswithin the entire world World Health Organization knew we have a tendency to were investigation four Americans World Health Organization had some association to Mr. Trump throughout the summer of 2016, and he did not tell a soul,” Comey same.

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